A tasting of wines aged in amphorae


After the great success of the past ICONIC events, the season opens with a tasting of wines aged in amphorae, in TAVA amphorae to be precise. On this occasion, numerous wineries from various parts of Italy, together with leading figures from the world of wine-making, took part in the process of learning about ceramics, followed step by step by the expert words of Francesco Tava, owner of TAVA (located in Arco in the province of Trento) and internationally renowned oenologist Luca D’Attoma, a leading figure in the oenology of our century. All these figures met on 25 June at SPAZIO DI PAOLO, a creative studio where the world’s most award-winning packaging takes shape thanks to the talent of owner Mario Di Paolo, all managed and organised by Valeriano Palombaro, owner of ICONIC. 

A perfect mix concentrated in a unique and exclusive moment, in which the comparison and exchange of ideas took centre stage, through the tasting of ten carefully selected national and international wines. The world of amphorae has awakened the interest of the youngest and fascinated the minds of the most experienced, leading to new ideas and collaborations for the future of many wineries. 


But let’s find out more about the protagonists of the evening: three marvellous amphorae, after crossing half the boot, were exhibited to the attention of everyone, with attention to the smallest detail, an element that more than characterises Tava’s work. All the amphorae are handmade, with quality certificates and patents that differentiate them from the competition, designed one by one to create a unique product. Definitely a Made in Italy signature that definitely makes the difference not only in Italy but also in the rest of the world. 


With these credentials ICONIC has selected TAVA as a leading company to be included in its prestigious partner range for business supplies to its customers, always ensuring the best in the realization of their projects making them iconic.


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