A brand with unique designs


In the reality of Italian viticulture, the way in which the various rows of vines are structured and arranged on the slopes is of great importance. On this basis, ICONIC’s interest in viticulture has grown over time, giving rise to a branch of the company specialising in consulting, design and construction of turnkey vineyards. But it was experience, dedication and an optimistic vision of the future that led to ICONIC Vineyard ™, a reliable and safe method of creating vineyards that can be easily managed both with machines and by hand, reducing labour to just a few units per hectare. The entire project is developed safeguarding important vineyard characteristics: dynamism, innovation, functionality, durability and aesthetic beauty. But let’s see how:

In addition to supplying all the materials necessary for planting, such as grafted vine shoots, stakes, wires and all other accessories, ICONIC is also able to take care of the mechanised management of the plants, from pruning to harvesting with qualified personnel using state-of-the-art machinery. ICONIC Vineyard is the only company in Italy to offer wineries an all-round service, dynamic and attentive to the needs of its customers, dealing when necessary with the reorganisation of the company and the review of production processes. The ICONIC Vineyard™ brand boasts unique projects in which perfection is the master.


One of the latest projects completed is the Masseria Li Veli vineyard in Puglia, a barren, stony land where layers of surface limestone emerge bare, a terrain that the Apulian farmer has made fertile by paving it and using the same stones to build trulli and dry stone walls. In this setting so rich in history, ICONIC leaves its signature with an unparalleled project, with perfectly aligned geometries and promptly studied details. However, the company does not stop here and continues to register new projects, undertaking winning collaborations and imposing itself as a guarantee brand throughout the territory.


Masseria Li Veli