A natural balcony that juts out over a turquoise horizon, a cliff that drops down steeply until it overbearingly plunges into the water, D’Annunzio sang the praises of the trabocchi, contemplating the sea. It is in this corner of Abruzzo that ICONIC realizes two unique projects for Fantini Group, two vineyards overlooking the sea in the nature reserves of Punta Aderci and Ripari di Giobbe.

As in all its projects, ICONIC stands out for the perfect geometries, the quality of products and the careful attention to detail. Nothing is left to chance, from the planting of the rootstock to the positioning of the poles, always safeguarding all the important aspects of a vineyard. The works, started in the spring of 2021, have been completed a few days ago, with the delivery method “turnkey” flagship of the company. But let’s understand better what it means: our customers rely on the reality ICONIC mainly for its comprehensive services, since it takes care of 360 degrees of every aspect of the projects taken care of, as in this case from the bare ground to the finished plant.

However ICONIC is not only viticulture, but a world of services aimed at the creation of one of the most important riches of our territory and not only, wine. Therefore it is not only about vineyards, but also about all the processes related to wine making, refinement and finally packaging, ranging easily from one pole to another through significant collaborations with leading partners in various sectors. And it is with this philosophy that ICONIC creates its masterpieces, always striving to achieve perfection while ensuring long-term quality.

Therefore, while waiting for nature to take its course, in a short time it will be possible to admire beautiful vineyards, along the marvelous path of Costa dei Trabocchi, jewel of Abruzzo.