Bag-in-Box Filling Machines

Bag In Box – First kit

This product is the simplest and most economical solution for filling bag-in-boxes. It consists of:

  • Stainless steel filling gun (a cheaper plastic solution is available on request)
  • Stainless steel support plate
  • Digital flowmeter ENO 24
  • Filling takes place by gravity or in combination with pumps equipped with a pressure switch.

The ENO 24 litre counter is attached directly to the filling nozzle and can be rotated by means of the fastening connection, thus allowing optimum readings in all applications.

The support plate, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, has a sandblasted anti-laceration surface finish. It is provided with a central hole for locking on any support surface.

The plate can be customised with your logo on request.

  • Connections: diameter 20 mm
  • Capacity 10 lt/h: 50
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Dimensions: 300x150x200 mm


Manual Bag in Box bag filling machine, completely built in stainless steel with 4 adjustable feet, prepared for installation on a support bench, it does not require any electrical or pneumatic power supply.

The machine is designed to comfortably carry out small fillings of bag in box or any type of container compatible with the filling gun. It is equipped with an ENO 24 digital litre counter with calibration of the quantity dispensed, a height-adjustable bag support plate, a stainless steel filling gun and a cap closure lever. Possibility of filling filtered liquids such as WINE and SUCKS.

Filling can be by gravity or with pumps compatible with the flow sensor used.

  • Connections: diameter 20 mm
  • Capacity 10 lt/h: 50
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Dimensions: 600x600x700 mm


SIMPLICITY: The machine is completely built in stainless steel with an adjustable and excludable support surface. It is equipped with 4 adjustable feet for installation on a support bench (a stainless steel trolley can be supplied on request). It does not require any pneumatic supply (except in the case of the optional vacuum system). It is the ideal solution for companies with small annual production volumes. The filling cycle is carried out automatically: Start, Fill, Stop. The operator selects the format and manoeuvres the gripper to extract and insert the cap, following the filling cycle on the display. The control panel controls the switching on and off of an external pump (available in combination with either the ENOS 20 centrifugal pump or the EURO 20 volumetric pump). A pulser valve allows manual injection of inert gas at the end of the cycle. The vacuum function is available as an option, and requires connection to a 6 bar pneumatic circuit. A choice of different types of flow sensors ensures optimum use of the machine for applications such as: WINE, OIL, FRUIT JUICES (non-viscous filtrates). Possible use on hot liquids.

PRECISION: The electronic panel allows the calibration of the instrument with a repeatability of the volumes filled with an error of ±5/10cl (depending on the instrument used).

HYGIENE: Use of full closure anti-drip filling valve; complete emptying of piping with easily opened clamped sanitary fittings; CIP washing circuit with tap provided. Possibility of steam sterilisation at 110°C using the appropriate high temperature kit.

OTHER ADVANTAGES: inclinable and removable support surface with possibility of filling rigid containers (e.g. PET, aluminium, glass) both rectangular and circular (maximum diameter 85mm); possibility of requesting adapters for countless types of caps and bags (PUOCH, BERKER, QCS, QCD, etc.); possibility of connecting any type of external single-phase pump (compatible with the capacity of the flow sensor used); possibility of also filling by FALL, without using a pump.

  •  Power supply: 220V 50/60Hz
  • Connections: diameter 20 mm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Dimensions: 300x150x200 mm
  • Capacity 5 lt/h: 150
  • 10 lt/h capacity: 100
  • 20 lt/h capacity: 40


SIMPLICITY: the machine automatically carries out the filling cycle: vacuum; filling; stop; nitrogen injection. The operator selects the format and manoeuvres the cap extraction and insertion gripper, following the progress of the various phases on the display. Size changeover is immediate: all the operator has to do is enter the desired capacity. The possibility to choose between different types of flow sensors guarantees the optimal use of the machine on applications such as: WINE, FRUIT JUICES, OIL, ICE CREAM, CREAMS, ETC.. Filling can be carried out at room temperature or hot up to 100 C°. In this case, specific accessories are provided for connecting the filler to pasteurisers: accumulation and concentration tanks with level probes; kit for bag inlet temperature control (see fruit processing/filling section). Standard equipment includes self-priming volumetric pumps with rubber impeller: high flow rate; possibility of priming from any container; constant flow; anti-pressure by-pass valve; total discharge valve for emptying the filling circuit.

PRECISION: the electronic panel allows control and management of all the filling phases, guaranteeing repeatability of the volumes filled with an error of ±5cl. Possibility of carrying out 3 different types of adjustment AUTOTUNING, macro-error (pulses/litre), micro-error (addition or subtraction of centilitres).

HYGIENE: use of a filling valve with total anti-drip closure; complete emptying of the pipes by means of a drain valve on the pump; CIP washing circuit with stainless steel tap; pre-set programmes for sanitising with detergents or for sanitising with steam 110°C (requires special kit for high temperatures). Upon request, it is possible to install 10″ or 30″ housing filters or pre-set for connection to external housing filters.

DIMENSIONS: the machine contains all the necessary components for operation: self-priming electric pump of 4500lt/h, silenced oiless compressor, various types of flow sensors. The electrical connection is sufficient for operation. In addition, the use of the self-priming pump and the wheeled frame allow it to be installed in any environment, even far from the storage tanks of the liquid to be filled.

OTHER ADVANTAGES: structure and mechanical components made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel; filling head height adjustment by means of an external handwheel; head lock during filling; possibility of requesting adapters for countless types of caps and bags (PUOCH, BERKER, QCS, QCD, etc.); inclined stainless steel surface. ); inclined stainless steel surface to facilitate sanitation and bag handling; multilingual display (Italian, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Croatian); support surface for cardboard boxes adjustable in height; adjustable adapter for inserting bags inside the boxes; horizontal transport frame; immediate assistance in 24/48h.

  • Triclover connections: 1.5″ with 20mm hose nozzle holder
  • 5lt capacity: 240 pcs/h
  • 10lt capacity: 180 pcs/h
  • 30lt capacity: 130 pcs/h
  • Power Kw: 1,1 220V, 50-60hz single-phase
  • Dimensions: 300x150x200 mm
  • Weight: 110kg


SIMPLICITY: The machine is made entirely of stainless steel, with a large roller conveyor for sliding containers. The filling cycle is completely automatic: the machine performs all the operations of opening, closing, vacuum, saturation with inert gas and filling. In addition, a special closure system keeps the container sealed during all filling phases, reducing oxidation and contamination of the filled product. The operator only has to position the bag and check the progress of the various operations. The SIEMENS touch screen control panel allows the operator to manage the machine in a few seconds, both during the filling and the washing and sanitizing operations. The standard equipment of self-priming volumetric pumps with rubber impeller guarantees: high flow rate; possibility of priming from any container; constant flow; anti-pressure by-pass valve; total discharge valve for emptying the filling circuit. The possibility of installing special pneumatic adapters allows the machine to work with many types of plugs, in addition to the standard VITOP.

PRECISION: the control panel equipped with SIEMENS PLC allows managing all the filling phases, adapting the machine to any type of liquid handled (wine, fruit juices, oil, water, creams, etc.). Possibility of carrying out 3 different types of adjustment AUTOTUNING, macro-error (pulses/litre), micro-error (addition or subtraction of centilitres). Repeatability of volumes with an error of 0.5-0.2% (varies according to the type of sensor installed). Possibility of installing electromagnetic or induction flow sensors.

SPEED: all the operations carried out automatically by the filler are set by the operator according to his needs: vacuum time, gas injection time, filling speed, bag opening and closing speed. The possibility of choosing between two types of pumps with different capacities and installing a speed variator makes it easy to achieve all the desired capacity targets.

SAFETY AND CLEANLINESS: total protection in the use of the machine with the presence of safety barriers and run buttons. The machine is equipped with automatic programmes for sanitising with both detergents and steam at 110C° (special kit required). A stainless steel tap for the CIP washing circuit is supplied as standard. The total closure anti-drip valve ensures that no liquids are spilled when filling is complete. The UNDER VACUUM filling system (lower container closure system) not only minimises the risk of contamination of filled products, but also facilitates installation and size changeover, avoiding adjustment of the filling head height. Possibility of installing a 10″ or 30″ housing filter (separate from the machine body) to ensure final sterilisation before filling.

RELIABILITY: Use of SIEMENS electrical and pneumatic components from leading brands, always available in our warehouses; possibility of remote assistance at the customer’s request.

OTHER ADVANTAGES: adjustable support for the cardboard box; large support surface with sliding rollers, with drip tray with total discharge; 7″ display; multilingual programming (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian) selectable from the front panel; oiless filter for air circuit; stainless steel control panel; pneumatic and electronic system easily accessible and equipped with lighting; POUCH and STAND-UP filling.


  • Cod.9400 – BB30 with pump capacity 4500 lt/h
  • Cod.9401 – BB30 with pump capacity 9300 lt/h


BB40 automatic filling machine designed for use with both belt bags and single bags.

The machine is equipped with SIEMENS PLC panel, 9500 l/h volumetric pump, induction flowmeter, 1.2 m steel roller conveyor.

The automatic cycle allows bag loading, opening, air extraction, filling, nitrogen saturation and capping.

The equipment of a vacuum filling system guarantees an immediate start-up of the machine, reducing the start-up time of the machine, and guarantees a greater inalterability of the filled liquid.

Ready as standard for filling hot liquids up to 100°C, both filtered and with solids in suspension.

As standard, sanitisation can be set with detergent liquids or steam at 120°C, all automatically managed by the PLC.

Filling capacity from 1 to 20 litres, also in Pouch format.


Automatic filling, cutting and packaging line.

Integrated filling machine

Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, with 4 wheels. The storage tank is installed on top of the filling machine and connected directly to a pasteuriser with a DIN 25 connection. Electrical connection with a separate control panel.

The bottle filler and bag-in-box filler are connected by 2 separate valves, with the possibility of using them together or separately.

Bottle filler: 4 x 15 mm diameter spouts, removable for cleaning. Adjustable stand for PET bottles or tools.

Bag-in-box filler: semi-automatic type BB20, with stainless steel induction flowmeter. Gravity-free filling system. Volumetric pump 1.1 KW with flexible EPDM impeller. PLC for cycle setting, parameters, cleaning. Vacuum and nitrogen injection included in the cycle. Silenced air compressor.