WBL has focused all its energies on reinventing a machine found in many Italian and foreign wineries. This bottle washer (washer and dryer) aims to bring innovation to a sector that has been stagnant for several years. Its unique technology makes it possible to have both washing and drying phases on a single carousel.


The combined carousel allows washing and drying in the same station, optimising space. This unique technology allows extremely small dimensions, making it easy to fit into a fixed or mobile line.

The automatic shape-recognition brush system completely surrounds the bottle and eliminates size changeover for the benefit of working convenience and consequent reduction of downtime..

The brushing motion changes from 1 to 3 axes, at the same time the bottle is motorised at a high speed so the brushes come into contact with it a greater number of times. Improved cleaning effectiveness.

There will be no need for greasing points, which will reduce routine maintenance time and costs. The circulating grease also no longer mixes with the wash water and pollutes it.

Water is dosed onto the bottle intelligently only where and when it is needed within a closed station, avoiding dispersion and saving up to 90% compared to a conventional machine.

The ‘vertical draining’ washing movement within an enclosed station prevents water from splashing out and spreading around the machine. This element is crucial for the realisation of combined drying.

The ‘tactile’ washing device causes the brushes to move towards the bottle until they make contact, recognising the shape of the bottle. Therefore, wear over time is compensated by the system, which adapts to the new working conditions.

We have designed an innovative drying air distribution system that not only optimises the space required for the function, but also requires minimal adjustment to the format, reducing the operator’s management impact.