Oenological pumps

SMARTFLEX®: an oenological pump with a flexible impeller

An everyday wine pump.

Racking, racking, filling barrels, filtering, bottling… our rotating wine pump can pump everything: juice, wine, must, juice, cleaning products.

Designed to provide excellent pumping quality and withstand the demanding conditions of wine use, the SMARTFLEX wine pump with impeller is distinguished by its robustness and ease of use.

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A multifunctional wine pump with helical lobes, for pulsation-free pumping capable of reducing oxygen dissolution in wine by up to 5 times.

Entonnage, racking, transfer, filtration, bottling, thermovinification. Our lobe wine pump with flow meter can pump everything from juice, wine, alcohol, must, destemmed grapes, high temperature juice, wash products.

Designed to provide excellent pumping quality and to withstand the demanding conditions of use in the wine industry, the OENOPOMPE is distinguished by its innovative helical lobe wine pump technology and its great versatility of use.


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Portable volumetric flowmeter

Master the transfer with this portable meter. Designed to calculate your transfers of wine and other agri-food liquids. The Oenoflux portable meter uses proven flowmeter technology to meet the demands of mobility. In perfect autonomy on a stainless steel frame, it measures and transcribes live transfer information on a display. With a certified accuracy of 99.7%, Portable Oenoflux gives you the precision and control you need for filling and transferring wine.


3 models of portable volumeter: P40; P50; P70.

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Peristaltic pumps

Suitable for the soft and delicate transfer of de-stemmed, fermented and liquid grapes. Pumping by simply squeezing the tube without any mechanism in contact with the product. Self-priming in depth, dry running, complete with speed variators, flow inversion, automatic pressure switch. On request: Hopper with fittings. Radio-command. Automatic bypass.

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Single-screw feeders


Single screw pump with hopper suitable for transferring whole, de-stemmed grapes and fermented marc. Made entirely of Aisi 304 stainless steel. On 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels with brake. Large loading hopper. Total liquid discharge. Rotor in AISI 304 stainless steel. Stator in special food-grade rubber. Exit d. 80/100/120. Pump control panel with reverse gear.

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Volumetric pumps with type V elliptical piston


Series Products

V 10 | V 15 | V 18 | V 20

The V series pumps are one of the most successful MORI innovations over the decades.

This equipment can boast a series of improvements and an evolutionary path of rare significance.

Suitable for transporting semi-solid materials such as whole or destemmed grapes and fermented grape marc.

All equipped with a tilting hopper in order to proceed with the racking of tanks whose door height is lower than that of the loading hopper (ESLUSO V. 20).

Transmission is by means of a robust gear motor at low revolutions, guaranteeing a service factor that makes the motor-reducer unit extremely long-lasting.

The speed of rotation of the nosepiece is reduced to a minimum to ensure less stressful treatment of the raw material: 70 RPM.

Complete with motor protector on all models and inverter on models V.15-18-20.

They can be fitted with plastic inserts on the ogive for transporting grapes and marc from mechanical harvesting, thus reducing blockages and damage caused by ferrous foreign bodies to a minimum.

Electrical panel on board the machine in compliance with EC standards.

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Collection pump


This equipment is driven by an electric motor and, together with the pump, forms a multi-purpose pumping unit called a motor pump. A grape harvest pump can be powered by :

  • whole grapes
  • crushed grapes
  • destemmed grapes
  • crushed and destemmed grapes
  • destemmed grapes
  • heated grapes

Three pump families for harvesting from 2 to 120 tonnes per hour.

Helical rotor pump:

A positive displacement pump with slow speed and wide passage. Cleaning is easy thanks to a DN50 drain plug under the hopper.

Five pump references are available:

  • from 2 to 15 tonnes/hour: GRH 10 VV
  • 4 to 20 tonnes/hour: GRH 20 VV
  • 25 to 35 tonnes/hour: GRH 30 FV
  • from 25 to 55 tonnes/hour: GRH 45 FV
  • 40 to 80 tonnes/hour: GRH 80 FV
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PS series AISI 304 stainless steel piston pumps


The PS series pumps have a cast reducer body and a stainless steel chamber into which the liquid to be transferred enters, which is sucked in and pushed in one of the two directions by closing and opening spherical valves in food grade rubber, with tap reversal.

The pump chamber is isolated from the other parts by a mechanical seal. The advantages of these pumps are therefore their robustness and high sustainable head when transferring over long distances, as well as their high self-priming power.

The models available are all two-speed, complete with automatic pressure switch so as to adapt to the filling operations of small containers.

Capable of transferring a range of capacities from 45 to 320 Hl/hour. They can be equipped with wire control, radio control and electronic inverter.


Suitable for transferring wine, must, stalked grape dregs, fruit juice and pulp and vinegar. Pump body, inverter, cylinders, covers and other internal parts are made of Aisi 304 stainless steel, including trolley, electrical system holder and belt casing. Double-acting, 2-speed, self-priming piston pumps with dry running capability. Automatic pressure switch on the 2 speeds that starts and stops the motor by operating the end-of-pipe tap. Exclusive bell cleaning system. Cap for total discharge of the liquid from the pump body.

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