The WBL model is an absolute innovation in the field of bottle conditioning because it does not involve the use of water. This great innovation makes it possible to eliminate condensation after cold filling with a cycle time halved in addition to considerable energy savings and the absence of problems such as the formation of algae or limescale.


The bottle is brought to the desired temperature by means of radiant panels. The use of water is eliminated, the bottle is always dry and the machine is always clean, eliminating the risk of formation of algae, limestone or bacteria.

The system has an efficiency of 98.5% because all the energy is transformed without any dispersion. Thanks to this direct conversion, the installation is no longer charged to the customer and the maintenance costs are strongly reduced.

Thanks to our climatization technology, the time necessary for the process has been halved, and the size of the machinery is therefore drastically reduced.

The product is treated while stationary, the energy is focused on the product, there is no dispersion, the bottle is always stable, and the contact noise is eliminated.

WBL has equipped its conditioner with a smart bottle sorting system. The lanes are independent and, if a problem is reached on one of them, the others will continue to work autonomously avoiding machine downtimes.

Our conditioner is a FIFO device (first input first output): the product that enters first goes out first, with the guarantee of a complete lot traceability and of a uniform treatment.

The elimination of water as a treatment fluid generates the consequence of having a bottle which is always dry and does not need a further drying phase after the air conditioning, saving on space and energy.

The lanes filling process is totally contactless, therefore there is no more contact noise.