Grape intake tanks


The VL series grape tanks are made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel.

  • Bearing structure.
  • Stainless steel 400×400 screw without supports.
  • Motor-reducer with mechanical speed variator.
  • Standard capacity: t. 3 and 4.

Upon request, they can be equipped with:

  • Mechanical speed variator
  • Manual stainless steel drain closing door
  • Hydraulic stainless steel drainage door
  • Gate or bar accident prevention protection
  • TYPE 300 POWER HP 3V 380 DIMENSIONS 1000*2000*3000*1600 HT
  • TYPE 400 POWER HP 4V 380 DIMENSIONS 1000*2000*3000*1600 HT
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Vibrating intake hoppers for unloading and dosing grapes from crates and bins. Stainless steel construction, electronic speed variator, wheels and adjustable feet. Models from 125-250 and 500Kg.

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  • Radio control as standard
  • Maintaining the integrity of the harvested grapes
  • Safety (lack of transfer screw)
  • Variable flow rate in large quantities
  • Simplified and rapid cleaning
  • Variable discharge height
  • Separate liquid phase draining on dosing systems

Main accessories

  1. Vibrating dosing system with extended channel, facilitates manual selection before crushing or pressing
  2. Tank overflow
  3. Oversized drip grid in the tilting hopper
  4. Modified frame foot


The range of conveyor belts for harvesting equipment consists of a unit designed for manual or mechanical transport of grapes, whole or destemmed, as well as fermented grapes and marc.

The conveyor belts are easy to use, simple and safe to install.

Physical and technical characteristics:

  • Stainless steel conveyor and frame
  • Entire unit mounted on pivoting wheels with brakes
  • Standard or customised single or double stainless steel hopper
  • Food grade PVC belt fixed with stainless steel clips and adjustable in tension
  • Quick release belt system for fast disassembly
  • DN50 connections for collecting juices and cleaning water
  • Maximum length: 12,000 mm
  • Maximum width: 800 mm
  • Variable inclination: from 15° to 50
  • Power: from 1 to 1.5 kW
  • Variable flow: from 0 to 50 t/h


  • Motor with integrated electronic speed variator
  • Electric panel with feed and return
  • Remote control with Oenotelec unit
  • Rotating, reclining and multi-length discharge spout
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Food-grade PVC elevator belts with stainless steel frame, mechanical speed variator, electrical panel and hydraulic piston for height adjustment. 400mm belt width versions with lengths of 2500, 3000, 3500 and 4000mm. Belt passage that can also be inspected internally, pump connection for must and inspection cap. 250mm belt for the ECO version with length of 2000 mm, adjustable height with telescopic feet and fixed speed. Hopper for bin unloading.

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The table has a smooth conveyor belt made of food-grade PVC, which wraps around two axes and allows grapes to be sorted at a selected speed.

This grape sorting table has two different belt widths, 600 and 800 mm, and a belt length of 3,000 to 8,000 mm, depending on the number of people to sort.

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The vibration of the table makes it possible to distribute the grapes to facilitate sorting. The horizontal vibrating table mounted on a “silent block” is equipped with perforations and a tray for collecting the first juices. Below this is a juice collection tray, mounted on the frame together with a transition grid to collect small foreign bodies; this model allows the draining, equalisation and sorting of the grapes.

This sorting table has a width of 750 mm and a length of 1500 to 5000 mm, depending on the number of people who will be sorting.

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Selection tables made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Mounted on 4 wheels, 2 of which are fixed and two pivoting with brakes.

The tables are both equipped with two 0.3KW electric vibrators with 700kg centrifugal force each, able to advance the product at a speed controlled by an electronic inverter.

The start-stop and speed adjustment control push-button panel is mounted on the machine.
The width of the tables is 600mm for the 6300 and 800mm for the 8300.

The width of the 8300 table makes it possible to set up two side aisles on the table itself for the evacuation of waste with outlets in the terminal part.

The length of the tables is 3m.
Both tables can be equipped with a crushing roller and gear motor at the end of the table itself to ease destemmed selection, helping to increase the collection of still-intact grapes.

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The Mistral sorting table for manual or mechanical harvesting

Capacity from 2 to 9 T/h

The Mistral automatic sorting table enables automatic seeding, equalising and sorting of the harvest. Equipment to be positioned after destemming and designed to remove petioles, stem ends, damaged berries, millerandage grains, small insects and other foreign bodies from the remains of the vintage.

Four models of Mistral automatic sorting tables:

  • From 2 to 3 T/h: Mistral 60
  • From 5 to 7 T/h: Mistral 100
  • From 6 to 9 T/h: Mistral 140
  • From 12 to 18 T/h: Sirocco

Can be used on its own or integrated into the PMH Vinicole reception line.

Selective waste management.

Automatic elimination of large waste.

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Presses made entirely of stainless steel.
Mechanically polished interior.
Absence of sharp edges in the drainage slots.
Loading without minimum limits.
Extreme draining speed.
Unrivalled extraction grip.
Possibility of fitting an inert or refrigerant gas supply system.
Can be customised with tailor-made options.


Modern hydraulic presses are equipped with a collection tray in AISI 304 stainless steel and a painted steel structure with high mechanical resistance and a specially designed hydraulic piston, capable of reaching pressures of up to 350Atm.

The PZ series includes models with cages ranging from 60 to 80cm in diameter, with nominal load capacities from 2.1 to 4.8 quintals.

The cages are specially designed to have a resistance to stress in proportion to the maximum pressure that can be reached, and are available in: wood with iron hoops, wood with AISI 304 stainless steel hoops and entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel.

They can all be equipped with a double pause-work timer, a double speed hydraulic unit and a thrust plate covered in AISI 304 stainless steel.

The 85, 78 and 83 models, respectively 60, 70 and 80cm in diameter of the cages, are equipped with trolley on wheels to facilitate the loading and unloading of the cage itself, given the greater quantities.

The process of these machines is ‘soft’ treatment of the fermented marc, which does not involve handling during the various pressing steps, which would lead to undesirable cellular disintegration, i.e. an increase in the quantity of lees present in the pressing wines.

The result is therefore to obtain a very clear ‘torchiato’ or pressing wine, thanks to the drainage from the marc and the avoidance of mixing, using pressure the system will then expel the fermented skins as well as the dried grapes.


The Vertical Hydraulic Presses returns from history with all the qualities of the ancient winemaking tradition and a modern twist. They are used for the extraction of musts from fermented red grapes and delicate wines from destemmed white grapes.

Technical specifications: Supporting structure in painted steel with high mechanical resistance. Double acting piston in chromed steel. Pressure plate in painted steel. One or two wooden cages with painted rims mounted on trolleys with stainless steel must collection trays.

Control manometer with adjustable pressure from 50 to 350 Bar. Three-position control lever for movement.

By request: Two-speed control unit. Wooden cages with stainless steel hoops. Cages entirely in stainless steel. Thrust plate completely covered in stainless steel.

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Three models of de-stemmers, from 5 to 25 tonnes/hour

  • Flow of whole grapes from 5 to 9 t/h: Oenograppe® OE9
  • Flow of whole or mechanical grapes from 8 to 16 t/h: Oenograppe® OE16
  • Flow of whole or mechanical grapes from 15 to 25 t/h: Oenograppe® OE25

Destemmers, general physical and technical characteristics:

  • Easy opening, dismantling and cleaning in minutes
  • Robust construction: entirely in stainless steel
  • Receiving hopper with helical regulator driven by a toothed wheel shaft
  • Stainless steel cogwheel with rubber blade
  • Multi-directional wheels with brake
  • Quarter-turn lock for safe opening
  • Motor/gear reduced power: 1.8 kW
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DE-STEMMER-CRUSHER R 30 L, R 30, R 40, R 50, R 60

Made entirely of stainless steel. Prepared for various types of processing according to the most modern winemaking criteria.

It offers the possibility of:

  • Direct discharge onto grape and marc pumps. Discharge into the must collection tank with homogenizer for separate pump connection.
  • Application of crusher with adjustable food-grade rubber rollers for soft crushing.
  • Easy to disassemble structure for perfect cleaning.
  • Interchangeable cage and beater depending on the grapes processed.

Made entirely of stainless steel. Prepared for various types of processing according to the most modern winemaking criteria.

It offers the possibility of:

  • Direct discharge onto grape and marc pumps.
  • Discharge into must collection tank with homogenizer for separate pump connection.
  • Application of crusher with adjustable food-grade rubber rollers for soft crushing.

Easy to disassemble structure for perfect cleaning. Cage and beater interchangeable according to the grapes processed.

Technical characteristics:

  • Cage and beater shaft rotate in the same direction.
  • Cage with deep-drawn holes.
  • Feed screw independent of the beater shaft.
  • Displayed speed variator.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel paddle beater.
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Next generation destemmer-crusher machines, designed to obtain the best quality and at the same time assisted by extreme adaptability to the product, which reduces the quantity of MOG to the maximum and facilitates disassembly and cleaning – characteristics that have always distinguished MORI brand machines for their reliability and durability. Following this philosophy, the DINAMICA range was born and has grown over time to include various sizes of machines covering a working range of 3 to 25 tonnes per hour. DINAMICA destemmers are distinguished by the discharge height modularity (with telescopic legs and/or telescopic frames) for use in manual and automatic sorting lines, by standard equipment such as beaters with blades made entirely of rubber adjustable in height and inclination, PVC cages of increased thickness (10mm) with round or progressive holes of 24, 22, 19 for Dinamica 60 and Dinamica 100. The Dinamica 150/250 models have stainless steel beater shafts and cages as standard (beater shafts with rubber blades and PVC cages by request). All models are equipped with an electronic speed variator for the destemming part, the crushing units in food-grade rubber are independently motorised and are adjustable from the outside. Product is fed into the cage by gravity on the Dinamica 100 model (optional hopper with feed screw and mechanical variator), by feed screw with mechanical variation on the Dinamica 150 and with inverter for the Dinamica 250 while for the Dinamica 60 the feed screw is integrated with the beater shaft. Optional support frames for Dinamica 60 and 100 and telescopic legs allow the use of the destemmers upstream of destemming selection lines and/or for unloading in BINS.

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The Diamant orthodromic destemming machine, which does not have a beater shaft, has been designed to prevent the grapes and stems from being broken by means of a soft and gentle action. This action is generated by the asynchronous movement of a conveyor belt and an oscillating perforated grid which allows the berries to remain intact during shelling, thus safeguarding their organoleptic qualities.

The integrity of the berries obtained allows efficient sorting of the destemmed grapes. The construction concept is totally innovative, simple and effective, and avoids all the inconveniences associated with the crushing of the berries caused by the beater shaft and the centrifugal force of rotation.

Overall dimensions

  • Length: 2800 mm
  • Width: 1400 mm
  • Height: 1700 mm

Technical characteristics

  • hourly output: 4-5 T
  • motor power of ginning screen: 0.75 KW
  • belt power: 0,55 KW
  • external finish: 2 D


The crusher is the equipment that crushes the grapes during the pressing operation.
PMH Vinicole offers a range of three models with a crushing flow from 5 to 25 tons / hour and which adapt to the different types of equipment capable of receiving the crusher.
Our different types of equipment:

  • The adjustable and mobile one FR14X1P
    It can be managed by two people, the flow of fresh grapes is suitable for working from 5 to 14 t / h. Crushing is very precise thanks to an adjustable cylinder distance from 2 to 8 mm. The equipment can be used alone, on a tank or mounted under our OE9 and OE16 destemmers.
  • The adjustable and mobile equipment on stainless steel trolley: FR14X1CT (photo)
    Same model as the FR14X1P. This mobile crusher on wheels is specifically designed to be used after a sorting table and on all brands of grape pumps.
  • The adjustable equipment with integral cavity: FR 25
    The flow of fresh grapes is adjustable from 15 to 25 t / h. The crushing is very precise thanks to a space between the cylinders, adjustable from 2 to 100 mm.
  • The integral spacing of the cylinders allows the non-crushing or free passage of the grapes (patented system). This crusher is designed to be used under the 0E25 destemmer. It can be used as a stand-alone, over a vat or a grape pump of all brands.