Design and implementation complete production plants


GRANZOTTO is able to design the entire production plant, built together with the customer for maximum efficiency and linearity of use.

Starting from a 2D architectural layout, or simply from the available spaces, the GRANZOTTO development team proceeds to the positioning of all the elements, from the machinery, to the piping, to the technical rooms, to the production areas, to the finished product warehouses.

GRANZOTTO is also able to supply the required machinery, as well as installing and connecting it.

GRANZOTTO systems (G-TECO, G-RECO, G-CLEAN, G-MOVE, G-AUX, G-CONTROL) are designed ad-hoc and integrated into the overall project.

G-PLANT projects are aimed at both the FOOD sector (wine cellars, breweries, distilleries, fruit juice plants, water and soft drink plants, production of food sauces, oil and vinegar plants, …) and the CHEMICAL sector (paint and solvent plants, production and packaging of lubricants, cosmetics and detergents factories, …).