Product transfer and distribution


to its chemical and physical characteristics, temperature, density, viscosity and flowability. GRANZOTTO, thanks to decades of experience in both the food and chemical sectors, is able to design an ad hoc solution depending on the product. The G-MOVE systems are designed considering the layout of the production plant and allow the management of several products within the same transfer lines. In addition, the efficient distribution centres allow rapid modification of the product route, significantly reducing the duration of production stops or change of destination.



The choice of all components, including pumps, valves and fittings, is an integral part of the G-MOVE design.

Within the G-MOVE family of solutions there are also different configurations of G-CLEAN cleaning CIPs, which allow the entire transfer system to be sanitised. The use of cleaning products is minimised, as is the environmental impact. G-MOVE systems therefore guarantee the final product, eliminating the risk of contamination and spoilage.

To meet specific product treatment needs during transfer, G-MOVE allows you to integrate G-AUX dosing systems. G-MOVE systems can be integrated with G-RECO pigging systems, allowing total recovery of the product before the washing cycle.