Technical assistance


GRANZOTTO’s plants and systems are designed to allow the customer to concentrate on his product in order to increase his market share and sales margins. Therefore, every detail is carefully analysed in the design phase and solutions are proposed to the customer that allow him to produce with ease, reliability and quality.

Whether it is a question of planned maintenance or unforeseen support, GRANZOTTO’s after-sales team always guarantees the availability of the main spare parts in stock and consequent shipment within 24 working hours of the request.

Furthermore, the wide availability of service technicians and the careful planning of interventions, guarantee the presence of at least one team always available to intervene within a few hours, both in Italy and in the rest of the world.


Direct line to a qualified operator 


Experience made available to the customer


Guaranteed assistance in certain times

Intervenes immediately

Guaranteed to intervene within the first few hours after the call is made


Only qualified technicians suitable for the type of intervention

Remote management

And remotely monitors via G-CONTROL system

Dedicated training

Training and refresher programmes for each application area